Jar Cakery

A tale of two sisters baking their way through the Big D


In a world where dime-a-dozen bakeries exist on every block of civilization, Emily Catour has found a niche by delivering delicious, modern-minded cakes. Born and raised in Southern California, Emily's earliest baking influence was her father. A master of the cookie, he showed Emily the in-and-outs of the oven, which lead to her own baking pursuits. Since retiring from her military services as a sergeant, she quickly dove headfirst into experimental baking, creating imaginative cakes for all occasions. As a result of countless, kitchen-logged hours, Jar Cakery was born from forward-thinking and deliciousness by its proud creator.


Much like any younger sister, Amanda grew up taking interest in anything her sister was doing. This remained true into Amanda's college years, where she took after her sister by gaining a local reputation in California for being the girl who could bake anyone under the table. Her earliest fares were red velvet cupcakes with a better-than-best cream cheese frosting. Since rerouting to Dallas, Amanda has teamed up with Emily in pursuit to make Jar Cakery a staple in Texas sweetness. Amanda also brings to the table a degree in Business Marketing and two cute pups, Hazel and Walton.

A party without cake is just a meeting
— Julia Child